Our hopes for Runner3

Hey, everyone!

This week’s post is going to be a little more open-ended than our previous ones. We’ve shown you a whole lot of the trees that comprise the game so far, so we’ve decided it might be a good time to back up a bit and talk a little more about the forest. Put another way, we’d like to give you a broader overview of what Runner3 is all about and what we hope to accomplish with it.

We landed on a mantra of sorts early on in preproduction for the game: “Runner3 needs to be worthy of being a numbered sequel to BIT.TRIP RUNNER and Runner2”. We didn’t want it to feel like a half-step because A) it would be a huge disservice to fans of the series and B) it wouldn’t be nearly as fun to make. Change for the sake of change is no good either, however, and so we knew that all additions to the game would need to be in service of the overall fun. Fun is, above all else, our #1 priority when making a game. We want the graphics to be nice and juicy, of course, but this becomes a moot point if the game isn’t fun to play.

All of the additions we’ve announced so far—branching paths, collectible “gem” currency, an item shop, vehicles, puppet shows, Hero Quests, etc.—were put in the game because we found they contributed to the overall joy factor of Runner3. None of them serve to reinvent the wheel or impede the rhythm-music gameplay of the game; they just flesh out the world more in terms of the narrative and overall experience. In fact, the Hero Quests (which require the player to stop running and chat with a character in the game) are wholly optional. You always have the ability to skip the Hero Quest path and stick with the traditional RUNNER gameplay.

This touches on another important aspect of Runner3’s design philosophy: We want you to be able to play the game however you like. Rather than adding difficulty modes like easy, normal, and hard, we decided to bake those options into the game itself. Every standard level in Runner3 features branching paths of varying difficulties, allowing the player to choose what they want to do in the moment. Feeling lucky? Take the harder path (and earn yourself some premium currency in the form of gems)! Looking for something a little less intimidating? Take the standard gold path! There is no right or wrong way to play Runner3.

There’s a lot more to talk about here, such as the lengths we’ve gone to to ensure the worlds of Runner3 will be more fleshed-out and visually appealing than the first two games. Not to mention the vehicle rides! And the item shop! And the super fun characters we haven’t announced yet! I think We’ll save all these topics for another day, however, because we’ve already rambled on for far too long!

In the meantime, let us know if you have any questions about the game and we’ll do our best to answer! Unless it spoils a surprise, of course.

Thanks for reading this (way too long) post!

- Mike and Alex

And the winners are...

Hey, everyone!

You’ll be pleased to hear we somehow managed to survive this year’s PAX West. We had a few close calls with the dreaded PAX pox, but we’re all alive and well and back to work on Runner3. Speaking of which, we were blown away by the reception of the game at the show. Fans of the original games seemed to really enjoy it, as did all those newjacks who hadn't heard of the BIT.TRIP games before. 

We’re so stoked to share this game with you!

In the meantime, we have some contest winners to announce. We put out the call a couple weeks back for people to suggest some level names for the Retro Challenges of Runner3 and, unsurprisingly, you came through in a big way.

After talking it through internally and whittling it down to our absolute favorites, we’ve come up with a list of all the level names we’re going to include in the game. Take a peek: 

  • Jake - Musky Toes
  • Billy Hann - Logged Out
  • Alex Rushdy - Breath of Fresh Hair
  • Jepp - Field Work
  • Hydro170 - Timber Trouble
  • Tyler Regalado - The Great Odors
  • Ultra Magnus - Tunnel Vision
  • Cielesia - Splendid Spelunking
  • Pablo Rodriguez - Hello Darkness
  • Vincent Lauria - Bit Drip
  • Shehan Amarasekera - Rock Bottom
  • Austin Feola - We Got Fun and Games

Thanks so much to everyone who submitted! And if your level name wasn’t picked, don’t worry—we’ll be sure to do another contest of this nature before the game releases. 

Thanks, friends!

Too many levels, not enough names

Hey, everyone!

We’re hard at work getting ready for PAX West at the moment, but I wanted to take a little time out and offer what is (hopefully!) a pretty fun opportunity for you all. 

To preface things, I should mention that my coworker and bratwurst vendor Jason wrote up a pretty in-depth breakdown of what players can expect from the Retro Challenges of Runner3. If you haven’t yet, I recommend taking a moment to give it a read.

All done? Good. 

Because it wouldn't be a RUNNER game if we didn't offer the fans a chance to come up with some wacky level names, how would you feel about thinking up some titles for the Retro Challenges? You haven't disappointed us in the past, and we know you won't this time around, either!

To get your brain gears churning, here are the three primary environments you’ll encounter in the Retro Challenges:

  • The great outdoors
  • Caves
  • Jungle ruins

Surely you can think of some goofy level names based off those locales! The possibilities (and puns!) are endless!

You have until the last day of PAX (September 4, midnight PST) to leave your suggestions in the comments. After that, we’ll read through them all and announce the winners! As it surely goes without saying, the winners will see their level names show up in Runner3 when it releases. Fame and fortune will follow closely behind, I’m sure. 

We can’t wait to see all your suggestions!

- Dant

Runner3 will be at PAX West!

Hey, everyone! 

First things first, I want to apologize for how long it’s been since our last update! In our defense, it's because we’ve been working our butts off to make Runner3 as good a game as it can possibly be! We cool? 

We cool.

Anyway, we’re really excited to announce that Runner3 will be playable in the Indie Megabooth at PAX West! This is our first time showing the game off in a public venue and we can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks! Will players openly cry tears of joy, or will their pride get in the way? I’m certainly hoping for the former, if only so I can finally convince my bosses that BIT.TRIP-branded tissues really are a good idea. 

As fun as it will be to have the game at PAX, we also have something else we’re hoping to bring along. More on that soon…

Have a great week!

The Mechiknight!

In Runner3, we’re expanding the depth of interaction between CommanderVideo and his world—not only via the environment, but also via helpful elements like vehicles and harmful things like enemies.

Case in point, this handsome devil…

Most items in RUNNER and Runner2 can be “defeated” by a single action, making our cast of enemies feel somewhat… fleeting; you never really get to know them.

But this new enemy we’re calling the Mechiknight will be a nuisance for several beats, forcing CommanderVideo to change up his strategy before being rid of the thing for good. 

Since Runner3 forces CommanderVideo through the world at a breakneck pace, we had to design an enemy that could move with you in a way that wasn’t confusing, and that also made sense thematically.

Enemies work best in our games when they are stationary and you can see them from a distance, giving the player time to prepare. So making sure that the Mechiknight gets into position early enough for the player to parse what’s going on was very important. 

We’ve got these dudes in game now. They work well. And they will Bonk you if you’re not on your toes.

Let us know what you think in the comments and we’ll do our best to amuse you with our witty responsticles!

- Alex