Runner3 Review: Pulse-Pumping Platforming Perfection

Shacknews: 9/10

"I'm not ready for my time with Runner3 to end. There's just something magical about how Choice Provisions approaches rhythmic platforming, and the team's latest formula is better than ever. Runner3 is a perfect example of the genre done right, offering up another welcome serving of the signature style, content, humor, and polish that series fans have come to expect."



Lets-a go!

Destructoid: 8.5 GREAT

"Based on what was accomplished in Runner3, the series is far from over. Despite creating two other Runners, Choice Provisions has shown that they're not out of ideas quite yet. Bring on Runner4."



Run, run, as fast as you can

Nintendolife: 8 GREAT

Runner3 is an ideal game for the ‘one more go’ flavour of gameplay suited to Nintendo Switch, playing well in handheld, though even better on the TV. The larger screen feels as if it offers a little more preparation time for reactions, plus it shows off the vibrancy of the visuals to higher effect. From the basic premise to the bonkers design of environments, this instalment brings a great deal of fun, but also challenge and does so with a bombastic soundtrack and plenty of quirky humour.



Runner3 Adeptly Balances Pleasure and Pain

Paste Magazine: 85%

"If you enjoy the rush that comes from meticulous demands on your skills and performance in a high pressure setting, then you’ll definitely get your runner’s high from Runner3."



Review: Runner3

"It’s been a while since a game has had the audacity to be as ambitious but as annoying in its difficulty, but Runner3 more than gets away with it."




Switchwatch: 80%

"Runner 2 was one of the best rhythm games on the Wii U and, although there is much stiffer competition on the Switch, Choice Provisions have done it again. Providing a fun, personality-filled musical running experience, Runner3 is a no brainer for rhythm game fans."



REVIEW: Runner3

Operation Railfall: 80%

"Runner3 is a celebration of platforming, and easily the best game I’ve played from Choice Provisions so far. If you want a fun challenge, look no further."