Runner3 - Now with more FLAVORS!


I know we’ve been relatively quiet lately, but that’s because we’ve been hard at work on a massive update to Runner3! For you! For all versions of the game! (yes, even Switch physical).

When Runner3 launched, we got a lot of passionate feedback from reviewers and fans, as well as otherwise regular human beings, that people found Runner3 to be too difficult, among other things.

People mentioned desperately wanting to love Runner3, since they’ve been following CommanderVideo on his multi-game journey and want to continue to do so, but that they were having a hard time falling head-over-heels in love with it.

Since we always listen to our fans, we’ve decided to make some pretty radical changes to Runner3 in our next update. We want you to be stoked on CommanderVideo’s latest adventure, after all.

Here’s what we’re about to give you…

Extensive Difficulty Options and new Difficulty Defaults!

You can now tailor your Runner3 experience to match your preferred difficulty in very direct ways, specifically…

  • Enemy Density

    • Adjusting this setting removes (or even adds) enemies/obstacles

    • "More" is the default, and is the original game's setting

  • More Checkpoints

    • This setting adds more than the traditional single checkpoint

    • "On" is the new default

  • Stair Assist

    • This setting adds flippers that help pop your character up tricky stair sequences

    • "Off" is the default

  • Bonk Counter

    • This setting enables/disables the Bonk Counter both in-game, and on the level end screen

    • "Off" is the new default

  • Gold Bars

    • This setting allows you to turn off all gold bars, if you find them distracting

    • "On" is the default

  • Gems

    • This setting allows you to turn off all gems, if you find them distracting

    • "On" is the default

The Self-Bonk!

A few of our hardcore fans requested the ability to bonk oneself, which can come in handy when going for a perfect, if you miss a gold or gem.

Just press in on both analog sticks and hold them down for 4 beats. Then whammo!

Scoring Changes!

In reviewing our leaderboards and competing with our fans, we realized two very lame bugs were gimping everyone’s scores! So we fixed those, and also made some tweaks based on peoples’ Difficulty Settings…

  • We adjust the base score multiplier depending on the settings used in the new Difficulty Options. Basically, a harder configuration gives more points, and easier configurations give fewer

  • Fixed a bug where skipping the main checkpoint didn't actually award bonus points like it's supposed to

  • Fixed a bug in the point value of gold bars and gems, which made them worth way less than they should have been

Other Goodies!

We've also fixed a bunch of bugs, etc. The most noteworthy of them are as follows..

  • Added input buffering to mitigate input lag when playing with various wireless controllers on various platforms

  • Made all character moves available from the start of the game--no more having to unlock them in order!

  • Made the jump and avoid enemies/obstacles more forgiving

  • Added more on-screen communication regarding the Impossible Levels, the Retro Levels, and the overall difficulty of the game

  • Added a “break” sound effect to kickwalls in addition to their musical tone

  • Fixed a few out-of-world bugs

A New Way to Play!

We’re excited to announce that all of these changes are going to be available on all platforms alongside the launch of Runner3 on PS4 next week, on November 13th!

We hope y’all are eager and willing to return to Runner3 and check out everything that’s new. We’re glad that we were able to address many of the concerns that players had.

Because of the unique nature of the modern video game industry, developers like us are able to address concerns on an ongoing basis. If we were coke-sniffing, hard-partying Atari developers back in the late 70s, there would be no way to improve our users’ experiences post-release.

Thank goodness we live in 2018.

These changes are our way of saying thanks for all the feedback, we’re still here, we’re still listening, and we’re still delivering great experiences for humans like you to enjoy.

Sometimes a really good video game is just awesome.

Runner3 is OUT!

Hey, everyone!

Though you've likely seen our numerous social media posts by now (not to mention the homepage of this very site), I wanted to write a quick post and let you all know that Runner3 is available now on Nintendo Switch and Steam! Woah!

Don't let its goofy nature fool you: We worked incredibly hard on this game. It was our mission from day one to create a game worthy of being called a sequel to BIT.TRIP RUNNER and Runner2. We're biased when we say this, but we feel we've accomplished that with Runner3. We hope you feel the same!

Some of you might be wondering what's next for us now that the game is out. A trip to Disneyland? Binge-watching all the shows we missed while we were working on the game? No such thing! We're already hard at work on post-launch support, such as issuing patches with bug fixes and having heated roundtable discussions of whether or not to release more content for the game. 

If you have any suggestions to that end (or bugs to report!), feel free to email us at 

Thank you so much to everyone who went on this journey with us. We had a lot of fun sharing our progress with you! 

And worry not, friends. This won't be the last post on this devlog...

- Dant

The Cameos of Runner3

As some of you may have seen already, we've started writing some posts for the Nicalis blog. Longtime readers of this devlog will likely already know some of the info we've been sharing over there, but I thought it might be good to share them here as well! 

Also, in case you missed the site takeover, Runner3 is available for pre-order now! Pick it up and receive a 15% discount before the game launches on May 22! 

I took a walk down by the pier this morning. It was nice to feel the cold air on my face—to hear the faraway sounds of the ocean waves. I sat on an empty park bench and watched a flock of seagulls as they played tug-of-war with one another. “What are they fighting over?” I wondered. I made my way over, stepping down hard with each passing step. I was trying to scare them away, you see.

My plan didn’t work, at least not at first. It wasn’t until I was a mere two feet away that the seagulls noticed my presence. They dispersed, alarmed, leaving behind a tattered piece of paper in their wake. I knelt down to read the words scrawled on it.

“Runner3 has some really cool cameos in it.”

I spent the rest of my morning weeping. Then, I got to work.

Shovel Knight—The blue burrower himself. It was our hope from the get-go to include Shovel Knight in the game, and we’re beyond excited to have him join the Runner-verse!

Ever on the side of good, he joins forces with the Commanders to help take down the nefarious Timbletot. Do they succeed in their mission? Probably. I mean, it would be weird if they didn’t, right?

Eddie Riggs—From a Legend most Brutal. He may be best known for his roadie skills, but Eddie Riggs has also proven himself to be quite the accomplished runner. He’s the perfect compatriot for the Commanders, what with their shared love of vanquishing evil. Kindred spirits, all the way down the line.

The Narrator—The man. The myth. The Narrator. When he’s not hocking strange wares and dictating the story of the Runner series, he’s running alongside the Commanders and all of their creepy friends. He’s a normal enough gent, to be sure, but we can’t shake the feeling there’s something…peculiar about him. Let us know if you notice anything, okay?

For those who are curious, these characters can be unlocked in Runner3 by completing Hero Quests. They won’t be DLC, and we won’t be charging extra for them. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: There are no in-game purchases in Runner3! Keep your stinkin’ money! Or, at least keep it after you pick up the game for Nintendo Switch on May 22.

Until next time!

- Dant

The Retro Challenges

As some of you may have seen already, we've started writing some posts for the Nicalis blog. Longtime readers of this devlog will likely already know some of the info we've been sharing over there, but I thought it might be good to share them here as well! 

And, same as always, let us know in the comments if you have any questions!

Hey, everyone…it’s Dant Rambo again! After years of retirement and living off a modest-but-reasonable pension, I’ve decided to rejoin the workforce and tell you all about the Retro Challenges of Runner3, AKA the-game-within-the-game. Sit back, relax and pour me a nice beverage. Please.

Those of you who played BIT.TRIP RUNNER and/or Runner2 are likely familiar with our Retro Challenges. In BIT.TRIP RUNNER, they had an Atari 2600-inspired visual style (similar to that of Pitfall!). In Runner2, we modernized—relatively speaking—by giving them more of an 8-bit look. Now, what do you think the logical progression would be here? If you guessed “16-bit,” you’re wrong. Furthermore, shame on you. If you guessed “graphics inspired by the classic works of Friz Freleng and Hanna-Barbera,” you’re 100% correct and you should be proud of yourself.

The frog-leap forward in visual style isn’t even the biggest change we’ve made to the Retro Challenges, if you can believe it. As alluded to in previous posts, players will also have free movement of CommanderVideo! After much coaxing and some good old-fashioned bribery, we convinced the Commander to allow us to turn the Retro Challenges portion of Runner3 into a more traditional platformer experience. You can still run to the right—he’s very good at that—but now you also have the option of running left! Oh, and if you keep your grubby paws off the controls entirely, you’ll come to a complete halt. It’s incredible, right? Surely we’re the first developers to think of this.

I previously referred to the Retro Challenges as the-game-within-the-game because each regular level in Runner3 has a Challenge associated with it. This makes for 27 Retro Challenges in total, not to mention the three bosses you’ll have to defeat in order to progress. Every level is home to five mysterious “Gildan Coins,” which in turn can be used on costumes, capes and accessories. A Gildan amounts to $47,910 in US currency, so you can expect to pick up some pretty choice rewards with them. Let’s just say the thread count on those capes is preeeeetty darn high.

I hope this post has given you a solid understanding of how the Retro Challenges will work in Runner3, along with how much they add to the overall experience. As always, though, let us know in the comments if you have any questions!


- Dant

Who Am I, Anyway?

Hey, everyone!

As some of you may have seen already, we've started writing some posts for the Nicalis blog. Longtime readers of this devlog will likely already know some of the info we've been sharing over there, but I thought it might be good to share them here as well! 

And, same as always, let us know in the comments if you have any questions!


I’m Alex Neuse from Choice Provisions. Nice to meet you, now everyone drop everything you’re doing and pay attention to this giant block of words!

As the release of Runner3 approaches, we thought we’d take the opportunity to share some tasty informations about who CommanderVideo is and why he’s just so darned awesome.

At the beginning, when BIT.TRIP was just a zygote’s fart of an idea, we knew that we wanted to tell a story that would be open to interpretation, yet deep; fun to play, yet have a message. We needed CommanderVideo to be able to resonate with everyone who played the games, so he had to be a blank slate. We needed him to be anyone.

We only chose to make him a ‘him’, because the English language doesn’t have a good gender neutral pronoun to use. And within our lore, the fact is, there are lots and lots of CommandersVideo, and they are of all sorts of genders--some of which no one has even yet heard of. Also, canonically, he’s 12 feet tall. And Black. And able to fire beams of energy from his visor, as seen in this early concept mock up from BIT.TRIP RUNNER.

Anyway, in keeping with the aesthetic of our first game in the series, BIT.TRIP BEAT, we needed him to look reminiscent of classic games from the early 80s. But like I said, we wanted him to be simplistic--a blank slate. So in designing him, we stripped away basically everything, keeping a silhouette that’s immediately recognizable as human, and went with that.

His charming personality quickly made him the de facto mascot of the BIT.TRIP series, and he’s now starred in 9 games in the series, including Runner3. 

CommanderVideo represents the unbridled awe that we are all born with. The only things is, he hasn’t had it beaten out him. At least, not yet. You see, that’s why he runs. The Timbletot, CommanderVideo’s nemesis, represents all the ugly in the world, and CommanderVideo, frankly, will not stand for it.

His popularity among our fanbase has led to his inclusion in a wonderful community of other video game heroes, including cameos in Super Meat Boy, Retro City Rampage, Super Smash Bros and many others.

His latest adventure in Runner3 ups the ante in the addictive gameplay that our RUNNER series is known for. We decided to keep CommanderVideo on the move for the main game, but for the first time, freed up his movement for our Retro game-within-a-game. Perhaps this hints at where his next adventure might take him…

Because oh no, you have NOT seen the last of CommanderVideo! Not by far.

- Alex