ART POST! Check out our models with a model viewer!

Hey everyone!

As you might be aware of, we have had a huge new update that addresses some of the issues people had with Runner3. This includes being able to make the game easier or more difficult depending on your preferences! You can read all about this delectable new update HERE!

We are also celebrating our 10-year anniversary--check out the MASSIVE discounts on our full game library on all platforms.

One of our artists, the illustrious Josh Defries, put together a little treat for us! For the next few days we will be releasing a few choice renders of characters from Runner3, along with a model viewer that shows our rendering pipeline

View these over at Josh’s “Art Station” HERE.

Here is a sample! Push play and enjoy. You can:

  • Rotate

  • Zoom

  • Move the lights

  • Look at the render layers