Where Are We Going With This Whole Runner3 Thing?!


You might have noticed that our announcement image had ABSOLUTELY no running. This is fairly silly, considering the game is called Runner3. Well I am here to tell you that we are very silly people, but also, we are silly people that have already made two running games. We need to add as many herbs and spices to this tangy sausage as possible so that we can serve it to you with maximum flavor, aroma, and aftertaste. 

Making a sequel is a bit harder than you might think. We are bound to the rules of gameplay that have already been set in place. The fans have an expectation that is based off the previous game, so you need to honor that relationship. That said, you also need to reinvent and evolve the game, so it's not the same ole bag of beans. If we aren't careful, we can paint ourselves into a corner.


BIT.TRIP RUNNER was fairly linear, point A to Point B. Runner2's evolution saw this same linearity, but we had more ups and downs, along with splitting pathways and alternate exits. Runner3 will see a whole new world, with ups, downs, lefts and rights, split paths, and of course forwards!!! 

We are also adding a mechanic that we are calling "controlled events." A controlled event is basically what you see in the image. Commandervideo will now be in control of various vehicles, animals or whatever weird things our minds can dredge up from our frothy mucus filled mind tubes. 

Let's hear your ideas for some wacky rides! What kind of zany,hare-brained or down right preposterous chariots can you come up with? This could be anything you want and if they fit or make us laugh, we might just use your idea! - Example: Commandervideo riding a bologna sandwich like a flying carpet, and using a mustard bottles as a propellant. FREAK US OUT!