The Costumes of Runner3

Hey, everyone!

We have a pretty exciting post to share with you today. Maybe even as exciting as our Dave reveal last month!

As those of you who played Runner2 know, we have a real penchant for goofy costumes. We love them more than we love our own children, and I feel confident I can say that without consulting any of my coworkers who actually have children. They're all too busy changing diapers to chime in, anyway. 

It occurred to us recently how coy we've been with the costume situation in Runner3. We've certainly mentioned they'll be making their triumphant return, but we haven't said a lot about them beyond that. We haven't made enough ado about a situation that merits quite a bit of ado. And for that, we are sorry. 

We want to make things right, which is why today's post is going to be something of a twofer. For starters, we're going to share one of Unkle Dill's new costumes with you. Afterwards, well... keep on reading.

Feast your eyes on Unkle Dill's Supper Pants:

Supper Pants are a very special costume, you see. Not only do they make Unkle Dill look like the prettiest pickle at prom, but they're inspired by one of the advertisements in Runner3!

Check it out: 

Makes perfect sense, right? I see no reason to go into further detail here. I mean, I suppose you could ask questions in the comments, but I don't know what on Earth you'd need clarification on.

Undill next time!

- Dant