Retro Worlds: A RetroSpective

Hi. It’s me again. Your favorite cuddly 2D game development nerd. You may remember me from such local television commercials as “Weatherman”:

No, seriously. That is actually me in a TV Commercial in the early 2000s. I only put that there to show off. Now, let’s talk about some video game making.

I’m happy to report that my work on the Runner3 Retro Levels is (mostly) COMPLETE! I want to remind everyone that this is *really* a video game within a video game. The Retro Levels are made up of 3 distinct worlds, each with 9 levels and a wacky boss battle. The levels are short-but-challenging jaunts in which you’re tasked with finding 5 elusive new collectibles never before seen in the series…THE GILDANS!

Once you’ve found as many as you can, feel free to jump headlong into that sketchy-looking mystery hole over there. I'm sure it’s safe:

The rumors about CommanderVideo being able to freely wander the levels are true. Prepare to go left, right, up, down, and perhaps even stop and just do nothing for a few seconds, right? Sounds like a nice way to relax. But I’d be careful if I were you: strange things come out to haunt those who linger too long in these mysterious levels.

Yes, beware the Eye Bats! Where have I seen these jerks before…?

There is so much to see and do in the Retro Levels this time around, and we’re pretty sure you’re going to really enjoy the change of pace. We wanted to take this opportunity to show you that CommanderVideo doesn’t just run; it’s certainly what he does best, but he’s also only a man…an adventurous, explorer man!

Also, don’t forget that the Retro Levels have this guy. His name is DewBee. Bye!

- Jason