Let's get the juices flow'n...

DISCLAIMER: I would like to point out that this is some of the first imagery that we are sharing. It's a screenshot in-engine--this means that there are no post-rendering effects, you can see the engine widgets, and of course you can see the placeholder art in the background. In other words: Don't consider what you see here to be final art in any way!

As my nasty little "hombre" Alex said in his post last week, we are beginning to find the fun! This has been quite a process and we are going in FULL blast! 

We wanted to share this image, because it showcases some of the things we have talked about in our past posts. You can see our path splitting up and down and a curving path going off down another route. We can also see our old friend THE MOON peeking in on his friend Commandervideo. 

This is a very small slice of what we have planned for Runner3. In fact, we are VERY excited to share what lies beyond that sand dune, because it's part of the game's special dipping sauce...

Any guesses as to what it is we're hinting at here? Feel free to speculate in the comments so that we may respond with cryptic-yet-friendly replies!