A Few New Faces

Hey! What’s up, everyone?  My name is Josh Defries and I’m the new guy here at Choice Provisions.  But I’m not just the new guy, I’m also an artist and when I’m not working hard on art for a character or level asset, I’m usually sinking shots at will from anywhere in the office on our basketball hoop.  For real, I can’t miss.  

Why am I telling you about my basketball skills?  Oh, I don’t know, most likely to remind the person I sit next to how much better I am than he is.  This probably isn’t terribly interesting to you, but I do know something that is, and its Runner3 and the characters that live in its world.

As many of you know the RUNNER universe is filled with an amazing collection of characters and personalities.  Some of them are a little more on the tame side and others not so much (I’m looking at you, Reverse Merman!).  But one thing is clear, they are all fun and bring their own unique flavor to the world.  For Runner3 you will see some familiar faces as well as a few new, and today I wanted to show you one of the latter.

Any clue what her name is?  Who she may or may not be romantically involved with?  Go ahead and speculate in the comments and be sure to check back as we reveal more details about the characters and worlds.

- Josh