Introducing... Spookyland

We mentioned in last week’s post that we planned to announce something cool today. Well, seeing as how today is today, we figured the time had finally arrived. 

Some of our previous reveals hinted at it, but we’re excited to finally be able to come out and say it: One of the worlds in Runner3 is going to be a strange, peculiar place known as Spookyland.

Pretty creepy, no? And yet, there’s also a bit of an undeniable charm to it. I think it comes from the doll heads in the background.

We have plenty more to share about Spookyland in the weeks ahead, including why it is that CommanderVideo and friends have made the crazy decision to go to such a place. Then again, maybe some of you already have some good guesses about this. Let’s hear them—along with anything else you’d like to chat about—in the comments!

- Dant