A Retro Challenge Check-In

Hi ho…Jason here. Guess it’s my turn to write the blog post again!

I’m still super hard at work crafting all the “Retro Challenge” levels for Runner3. Today I’ve decided to share a very scrumptious screenshot of what’s to come.

Pretty different, huh? You need to see these levels in action. They are FUN.

They’re not only fun, but they’re also very different Retro Challenges than what you’ve played before. In actuality, the entire set of Retro Challenges will take place across multiple worlds that are separate and unique from the main game, but also, you’ll find that these special levels add up to essentially be an entire, separate video game within a video game.

In past RUNNER games, the Retro Challenges were much more simplified auto-running levels. In RUNNER3, these levels are serious business. Tons of unique enemies, loads of strange obstacles and puzzles and pitfalls, and all sorts of surprises to discover and explore. I’m very certain that you are going to have tons of fun times with this sub-game. But here’s the secret sauce that’s really going to freak out all you CommanderVideo fans: you’re in total control of CV in these levels! That’s right…run, jump….OR EVEN STOP! Writing that sentence even freaked ME out! Where am I?! What world is this that I live in?! What are these fabric tubes my legs are trapped in?!!? (Editor’s Note: Jason, those are your pants.)

I certainly hope you’re ready to use all those other weird directions that your D-pads can move in. And remember, you heard it here first: you’re getting two games in one with RUNNER3! Congratulations to you, video game buyers of…THE FUTURE.

- Jason