A Crate of Monstrous Proportions

Hey, everyone!

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but most of our bodies are still filled with pie, turkey, potatoes, and determination. It’s the latter item which has inspired me to write today’s blog post and share with you all a creature we lovingly refer to around the office as the “crate monster”:

As you can see, this strange creature has taken up residence inside an empty Schlörtz crate, like a bizarre, landlubberly hermit crab. The fact that it lives in a box makes me think it values its privacy, which I’m going to try and respect here. 

I’m sure you have millions of questions about this odd monster, but as noted above, I really do think it would prefer to just be left alone. Let’s talk about something else in the comments. Maybe you have some guesses as to what the other worlds of Runner3 will be? Or perhaps you have a theory about what CommanderVideo and friends are up to in this game? Let’s discuss it in the comments!

Just please keep questions and comments about this creature to a minimum. 

- Dant