Winding Techknowledgy

Hello my fellow BIT.TRIP fans!  My name is Mike Roska and I'm the lead programmer on the 3D portion of Runner 3 (SPOILER).  My day is filled with typing things like "if (bug_Really_exists) { sweep_under_rug(); }".

Some of you may have seen me lurking around the Tharsis forums and Twitch streams being all friendly and polite, but behind the scenes I'm a typical programmer with the social skills of a Canadian Mounty.  Wait, that's a good thing?  Oh, well then, thank you!

Speaking of Canadian Mounties, I'd like to dip my toes (and yours, if you'll allow me) into the wonderful technical world of Runner3. 

Making a linear beat-based infinite-runner game isn't that difficult, technically.  However, one huge, awesome, mind-bending feature we're adding to Runner3 is winding paths!  That makes programmer-y things a little more difficult as CV can now go any-which-way Alex wants him to.  Not only that, he has to interact with things on the beat! However, at the cost of a little more elbow grease, the upside is tremendous, and we're seeing some amazing gameplay come out of it.  So, I'm up to the task of coding it.  Are you up to the task of playing it?

What do you think about all the possibilities winding paths bring?  What do you think of me?  How about my Canadian Mounty comparison?  My mom and I think all of the above are pretty amazing but we're biased.

It's been great meeting you all on here and I look forward to seeing your comments in the section below.  Mounty, out!

- Mike (Roska)