Decisions, Decisions...

Hello everyone!  The Mounty has doth returned to striketh … cooperation, hope, and love in all your hearts.  

In case your brain muscle is still whirling from my last post, let me refresh your memory on who I am: I am a programmer.  I write code, make tech decisions, and try not to yell uncontrollably at too many people.  

Over the past few years the industry has undergone some massive changes. No, I’m not talking about underwear, I’m talking about accessibility of game creation.  In years past, studios either had to license an established game engine for big buckaroos, or, as was more often the case, create their own engine and continually evolve it as projects changed.  This latter option is expensive, time-consuming, and difficult.

So, we entered Runner3 facing a tough decision: do we use a trusted internal engine built on our own blood, sweat, and tears, or do we write a new one?  Or, and this is the amazing part, do we use one of these new engines that are capable of amazing things right out of the box?  

Since I know the suspense is killing you, I’ll just come right out and say it: we chose option 3 and went with Unity.  Almost anyone can use it to create some sort of game experience, but in the hands of lightly seasoned game developer steaks such as ourselves, the upsides are almost too many to count.  In just a few short months we have almost an entire world built, amazing new gameplay being introduced, an entire cast of characters created from scratch, and art that will cause your eyeball spheres to bulge ever-so-slightly more out of your cranium.  

We are so excited to show you what this new game is capable of.  In the meantime, have any of you spent time learning what these game engines can offer?  If so, what sorts of projects have you done?  Lastly, are you excited to think of us as seasoned steaks?  

- Mike (Roska)