The Lords Are Back in Town

Hey everyone, 

It probably comes as no surprise that these first few months of development have been focused on laying the groundwork necessary to, you know, make the game. There’s still some work to be done in that regard, but we’ve also reached a point where we can begin to allocate more of our focus towards the very important task of making the art! Because of this, we’re hoping to share more and more art and assets from the game moving forward. To kick off that initiative, we want to show you the final boss of Spookyland. Feast your eyes: 

These owls are not what you’d call honorable. And to make matters worse, their nocturnal nature makes it so that all court activities must take place in the dead of night. I’m really trying to avoid making a Night Court joke here. 

I should probably also mention that these owls are currently in what you’d call a “t-pose”, meaning they won’t have their arms awkwardly raised like that when you encounter them in the game. Rather, they'll probably be doing something menacing like banging their gavel or hurling their wigs at you.

Let us know what you think of these f'owl beasts!