And the winners are....

Hey, everyone! Our Foodland contest concluded on Sunday, and we’ve taken some time since then to look over all of the amazing submissions and pick out our favorites. As an aside, I also wanted to point out that some of the food items people suggested are actually already in Foodland! We must be doing something right…

Without further ado, here are the winners we’ve chosen: 

  • Bouncy jello - Chris Trenary (a few people suggested this, but Chris was the first!)
  • Hotdog cattails! - MikesJam
  • Tapioca, Coxinha and Brigadeiro! - Joemir Franco
  • Blue Cheese! - flyp_J
  • Mac & cheese in an ice cream cone with Sriracha! - Ganny (this name sounds familiar…) 

If you’re listed here, it means your suggestion is going to make its way into the game! You’re practically a game developer at this point.

Also, we mean it when we say that all of the submissions were amazing. We were absolutely blown away by how many we received, and the inventiveness (and silliness!) of all of them. If you participated, thank you! 

We plan on running a few more contests like this over the course of development, so stay tuned! 

- Dant