Help us create Foodland!

Hey, everyone! 

In lieu of sharing something new from the game in today’s blog post, we thought it might be fun to hand the keys over to you for a bit. As you may have seen, one of the worlds in Runner3 is going to be Foodland. We have a lot of ideas for the kinds of foods we hope to include, but we wanted to give our readers a chance to offer up some suggestions as well! 

This is going to be a pretty informal contest. If you have an idea for a food you’d like to see show up in Foodland, comment on this post and let us know! The only rules are: 

  • Please only submit three possible foods (That way, you'll be encouraged to think hard about the foods you'd like to submit!)
  • If possible, please keep your submissions to just one comment

It’s Tuesday (February 7), so let’s say you have until Sunday at midnight (PST). That should be enough time to think up something good! Oh, and we’ll be sure to share a post next week announcing the winners and the foods they suggested.

This probably goes without saying, but please don't be afraid to get weird with your suggestions. 

Let’s do this!

- Dant