Runner3 is coming later this year to Nintendo Switch!

Hey, everyone!

After months of playing coy, we’re prepared to answer the question we’ve been asked more than any other:

Is Runner3 coming to the Nintendo Switch? 

As the title of this post has already given away, the answer is a big, sloppy YES! In fact, we’ve already got the game up and running on the platform and it looks great! 

Seeing as how we got our start on Nintendo platforms, it feels good to be continuing that legacy with Runner3. In addition, something we’ve always said in the past is that we like to bring our games to whichever platforms it makes the most sense to bring them to. As hardcore console and handheld gamers, the Switch is a perfect hybrid of the types of gaming we love, and an excellent fit for the likes of Runner3. 

We’ll have plenty more to say about the Switch in the future—including what system features Runner3 will take advantage of—but in the meantime, here’s our announcement trailer:

Pretty fun, right? And you’ll be able to play it later this year!

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions!