What a flavor!

Hey, everyone!

After the big announcement last month that Runner3 was coming later this year to the Nintendo Switch, we thought it best to take a break from the blog and give that post some time to breathe. Now, two weeks later, we’re ready to return to your regularly scheduled updates. The show must go on!

As some of you may already know, we’re currently hard at work on a world known as Foodland. It’s been an absolute blast to create, made more so by the contest we held last month where people had the chance to submit ideas for foods. Speaking of which, I thought it might be fun to show off one of the winning food items from that contest, and how it will look in-game. 

Take a look at these hotdog cattails (with the addition of some assorted meats and cheeses, for good measure): 

The idea for hotdog cattails came from user MikesJam, who has contributed greatly to making Foodland a weird and wonderful place. They've also caused me to think long and hard about whether I’d eat a hotdog cattail if I encountered one in the wild. I think I would, but only if there were some wild ketchup nearby as well. 

Until next time!