Too many levels, not enough names

Hey, everyone!

We’re hard at work getting ready for PAX West at the moment, but I wanted to take a little time out and offer what is (hopefully!) a pretty fun opportunity for you all. 

To preface things, I should mention that my coworker and bratwurst vendor Jason wrote up a pretty in-depth breakdown of what players can expect from the Retro Challenges of Runner3. If you haven’t yet, I recommend taking a moment to give it a read.

All done? Good. 

Because it wouldn't be a RUNNER game if we didn't offer the fans a chance to come up with some wacky level names, how would you feel about thinking up some titles for the Retro Challenges? You haven't disappointed us in the past, and we know you won't this time around, either!

To get your brain gears churning, here are the three primary environments you’ll encounter in the Retro Challenges:

  • The great outdoors
  • Caves
  • Jungle ruins

Surely you can think of some goofy level names based off those locales! The possibilities (and puns!) are endless!

You have until the last day of PAX (September 4, midnight PST) to leave your suggestions in the comments. After that, we’ll read through them all and announce the winners! As it surely goes without saying, the winners will see their level names show up in Runner3 when it releases. Fame and fortune will follow closely behind, I’m sure. 

We can’t wait to see all your suggestions!

- Dant