And the winners are...

Hey, everyone!

You’ll be pleased to hear we somehow managed to survive this year’s PAX West. We had a few close calls with the dreaded PAX pox, but we’re all alive and well and back to work on Runner3. Speaking of which, we were blown away by the reception of the game at the show. Fans of the original games seemed to really enjoy it, as did all those newjacks who hadn't heard of the BIT.TRIP games before. 

We’re so stoked to share this game with you!

In the meantime, we have some contest winners to announce. We put out the call a couple weeks back for people to suggest some level names for the Retro Challenges of Runner3 and, unsurprisingly, you came through in a big way.

After talking it through internally and whittling it down to our absolute favorites, we’ve come up with a list of all the level names we’re going to include in the game. Take a peek: 

  • Jake - Musky Toes
  • Billy Hann - Logged Out
  • Alex Rushdy - Breath of Fresh Hair
  • Jepp - Field Work
  • Hydro170 - Timber Trouble
  • Tyler Regalado - The Great Odors
  • Ultra Magnus - Tunnel Vision
  • Cielesia - Splendid Spelunking
  • Pablo Rodriguez - Hello Darkness
  • Vincent Lauria - Bit Drip
  • Shehan Amarasekera - Rock Bottom
  • Austin Feola - We Got Fun and Games

Thanks so much to everyone who submitted! And if your level name wasn’t picked, don’t worry—we’ll be sure to do another contest of this nature before the game releases. 

Thanks, friends!