Let's listen to some Runner3 tuneage

Today’s a big day, everyone. After months of posting vague announcements and assets from the game, we’ve decided it’s time to give you something a little more savory. Specifically, we're going to share some music with you. Runner3 is a rhythm-music platformer, after all, so I imagine some folks out there are interested in how it’s going to sound. 

I’m going to post a tune below, but I’d like to contextualize it a bit first. This is some of the music you'll be hearing in Foodland, which is going to be one of the worlds you'll be dashing through in Runner3. It’s a land chock-full of toothsome terrain, succulent surroundings, and flavorsome friends. Just feast your eyes on this concept art:

With that in your head, we think it's time to debut the first-ever song from Runner3. It may undergo a tweak or two prior to launch, but this should still give you a good feel for the overall vibe. Feast your ears on this melodious morsel: 

As noted before, the music of Runner3 will be composed by Matt Harwood, who we also worked with on Runner2 and the rest of the BIT.TRIP series! He's as much a staple of the BIT.TRIP world as CommanderVideo himself!

We’re extremely excited to be sharing this with you, so please let us know what you think in the comments!

- Dant